If there is one thing that car owners have known for years, it’s that the Honda Accord continually ranks among the highest in its class across the board for the features and benefits found to be most important by those in the automobile industry. Millennium Honda has been aware of this for years as they have seen firsthand the kind of brand loyalty that this make enjoys.

Although there are a number of reasons that Honda has consistently been named at the top of many consumers and critics’ lists for the best Japanese automotive brand, the Accord has carved its own path as the flagship and standard-bearer for their line for decades. Here are 10 things about the Accord that set it apart:

1. The new design makes it better than it’s ever been

2. A smooth ride coupled with great handling

3. Tons of standard safety equipment and technology

4. Incredible interior space

5. Manual transmission availability

6. A choice of two turbocharged engines

7. It also comes in a Hybrid

8. If offers the latest in tech and gadgetry

9. High-end trim levels provide high-end luxury

10. One of the best values on the market.

These are just a few of the many reasons Accord boasts one of the best resale values and customer loyalty purchases of any make or model. And once you own one for yourself, you will have the pleasure of discovering its many others.

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