New York Autobrokers offers sales, leasing, and financing to help make car buying easier. We have 20 years of experience helping customers get their next car for thousands less than a dealer price. We offer factory direct pricing, no hidden fees, and delivery to your door with no hard sell or annoying sales tactics. Here are some frequently asked questions about New York Autobrokers:

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How are your prices so low? — We keep prices very low with years of sales and leasing experience and an extensive dealer network.

What are my options when leasing a vehicle? — Most important when leasing is the fact that you don’t need a down payment, unlike a vehicle purchase. Different lease terms may be available, but once you sign a lease you are paying a finance rate for the vehicle, the sales tax if applicable, and a possible security deposit if required by the lender. You agree to drive less than a specified number of miles or you will pay a specified mileage rate over that limit. When the lease period is over you can turn in the vehicle in and start another lease, or you have the option to purchase the car at an agreed price which is often less than its market value.

What is meant by “$0 down”? — Many dealers offer low leasing costs in their advertising, but the small print shows a significant down payment required to obtain that lease rate. Our lease rates are shown with no down payment, although there are leasing fees required at signing. Most or all of these leasing costs can be incorporated into the lease payment if you wish.

Do I have to make special maintenance arrangements for my new car? — Our new cars come with the manufacturers’ full warranties. Take your vehicle to any dealer that services your make and follow the manufacturer service guidelines in your owner’s manual.

What costs are involved when buying a car through Autobrokers? — When you buy your car from Autobrokers, there are several costs involved. There is a down payment which reduces the financed amount. There will be sales tax in most states. You will pay an interest rate determined by your credit score. Your monthly payment will be part principal, part interest, and might include security deposits or other costs required by the lender.

What is the difference between buying and leasing my car? — When you buy a car you have to arrange a loan for the car’s entire value, minus any down payment you make to reduce that cost. When you lease, you typically don’t need to make any down payment and are only paying for the cost of using the car during the lease period.

Where do I pick up my new car? — You don’t have to go anywhere if you live within 50 miles of Manhattan. We will deliver the car to your home or other destination, such as your work address.

Down payments are due when? — When you buy the down payment is due at contract signing. When you lease you don’t have to make any down payment. You will be required to make the first lease payment at signing, so be ready for that payment. A down payment on a lease can reduce the monthly lease cost, but you won’t get that down payment back.

If you want to buy or lease new cars at factory direct prices, no-hassle sales techniques, and direct delivery to your home or work, you need to talk with New York Autobrokers. Once you buy or lease from us you won’t be going anywhere else. Call us at 877-568-2215 if you have any questions about the above FAQs or any other Autobrokers services.

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