Nothing is more exciting for a teenager, or more terrifying for a parent, than learning to drive an automobile. While the initial process of learning is intense and academic, involving study guides and driving tests, it is short and condensed. The actual process of learning to drive extends for months and possibly years after a teenager earns their license and can often result in several bumps along the way. The following collection of suggestions can help to ensure your teen driver has a safe and pain-free learning process.

Passenger Limits

Countless studies have shown that the majority of crashes involving teen drivers also involved multiple passengers. Teenagers, especially when left to their own devices inside a closed space, are often a rowdy bunch that can be critically distracting to a driver. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the IIHS, recommends parents not allow their teen drivers to transport other teens. Maintaining a stress-free environment is crucial to ensuring teens can remain focused on the road.

Limit Night Driving

Nearly half of all fatal teen crashes happen at night. Many states limit teen driving with mandatory curfews, but this is not a universal policy. The IIHS recommends parents set their own night-time driving restrictions on teens to ensure they build their skills during safer daylight hours.

Seatbelts Save

Most teenage drivers can rattle off the big “no-no’s”, such as no texting and driving or no drinking and driving. However, many teens neglect simple rules such as seatbelts that can be just as disastrous. Most teens killed in crashes were not buckled up.

Communicate and Follow Through

Learning to drive is a rite of passage that is often taken for granted. Driving is usually the first activity people engage in that involves potentially lethal consequences and this is a fact that is not always recognized by teens. Parents should ensure they are laying out their expectations clearly along with the (non-lethal) consequences that will follow if the rules are broken.

Following these simple guidelines is a great way to get your teen headed on a path to independence while also getting there in one piece. New York Autobrokers is a broker with over 20 years of experience in getting the best payments or price for our clients. No hidden fees and no pushy tactics, just good deals. Contact us today at (631) 446-4455 to get started!