Shopping for a new car can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be a bit daunting. Considering that most vehicles come in a dizzying array of trims and packages, it can be easy to get ‘lost in the weeds’ and lose sight of what features are genuinely important to you. Consider the following aspects of purchasing a vehicle before you set off in search of your next ride.


Knowing what size of vehicle meets your needs is critical to making the right choice. Not only does it drive the available features you can acquire, as larger vehicles may cost more, but it helps to ensure you focus on the right class of vehicles. If you find yourself in need of hauling cargo, but rarely passengers, look for vehicles that have fold-down seats. If you have a large crew that needs to get about town, make sure to pay attention to the head and legroom along with seating capacity. Additionally, if you have kids, entertainment amenities are a great plus if your budget will allow for them.


Your vehicle is a component of your outward appearance and style, accompanying you virtually everywhere you go and sending a subconscious message to people you meet. As such, it’s important to select a vehicle that communicates your tastes and ‘personal brand’. Sporty roadsters send a very different message than a luxury sedan or an adventurous off-road vehicle. Find one that suits your tastes.


While not always the case, efficiency and power tend to work against each other in engine design. Understanding what your efficiency needs are will help you choose the right vehicle for your lifestyle. If you experience long commutes and road trips, a more fuel-efficient engine will be kinder to your pocketbook. However, if speed and power are important to you and you don’t travel far on a regular basis, a thirstier engine is acceptable.


Speaking of speed and power, it’s also important to understand what you expect your vehicle to do. If you need to tow or haul significant amounts of cargo on a regular basis, you are going to want an engine capable of producing hefty torque. Likewise, if you feel the occasional need to open up and get where you need to be on the highway, horsepower is the factor you want to consider. Look to your needs and then find the engine to match.


Ultimately, the most limiting factor most people will encounter is price. Features generally have an additional cost and it can add up quickly. The good news is that used or certified pre-owned vehicles can often fit the bill of what you are looking for while costing significantly less. Why put together a brand-new car when a previous owner is selling one at half the price that matches your exact specifications already?

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