A car is a significant investment. Once you’ve driven off the lot in your vehicle, you want to maintain its longevity for as long as possible. These driving habits will help your car last longer, so read on to learn more.

The first tip to help your car last longer is breaking it in. A vehicle with less than 1,000 miles on it needs a gentle start. Don’t drive too aggressively in your new vehicle, don’t idle for extended periods, and keep the engine speed below 4,000 rotations per minute (rpm) if possible. After you break in your vehicle, you may want to get an oil change as well.

The next driving tip to help your car last longer is accelerating gently. Aggressive acceleration wastes fuel and also takes a toll on your engine, transmission, differentials, CV joints, and tires.

The next driving habit to help your car last longer is rolling turns. If you need to turn the wheels of your vehicle, do so when the vehicle is in motion. Even when pulling out of a parking spot or making a three-point turn, drivers should turn the steering wheel as the tires are rolling to reduce strain on the steering system, the tire rod ends, and the ball joints.

Next, drive your car on a routine basis. Driving a vehicle at least once a week keeps its oil circulating, maintains its battery charge, and prevents dry oil seals.

If you live in an area with bumpy roads, speed bumps, or potholes, drive slowly and carefully through these areas. Protect your vehicle by driving at slower speeds to help maintain the quality of your shock absorbers, steering, and suspension.

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