Making a major purchase, such as an automobile, is a daunting experience. The majority of customers are on the fence when it comes to buying an automobile and it helps to have someone guide them the rest of the way. This is where an automotive consultant comes into the picture.

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Automotive consultants are specially trained individuals that assist customers in selecting the automobile that’s right for them. They are capable of providing expert advice and can answer sales and product-related questions, while simultaneously operating as the point of contact in the sales process. Consultants work in a variety of fields; including farm machinery, heavy equipment, and marine sales.

The process of becoming an automotive consultant varies depending on the needs of the seller and the type of product being sold. Consultants almost universally receive general sales training, wherein they learn to negotiate ideal prices that benefit both consumer and seller. Additionally, they are trained in the specifics of the products they are to work with, whether those are cars or more specialized equipment. With regards to specialty, it’s not unusual for an automotive consultant to specialize in a particular area of sales expertise, such as new or used vehicles. With the meteoric rise of online shopping, some consultants even work solely through the internet.

Compensation for automotive consultants is very attractive, due to the high value of the products they are directly responsible for moving. However, the position generally requires long hours and tedious attention to detail. The paperwork involved in a position like this is heavy and requires consistent accuracy to prevent issues from arising. Nonetheless, a career as an automotive consultant can be personally rewarding and lucrative.

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