How are your prices so low?

Our 15 years of leasing experience in addition to our high volumes through our dealer network enable us to offer much lower prices.


There are many financial options when leasing a vehicle, based on your preferences. First, you will only pay for the portion of the car you actually use, a number of miles you drive. You are not required to make a down payment! Starting when you sign your lease, you will make monthly payments which combine a financial rate as well as sales tax in most states. The only additional cost that may be incurred when leasing is a security deposit or other fee. Another added perk to leasing is the ability to choose to purchase the car you have leased at the end of your contract. However, if it is time for a change you can simply return your vehicle.

What exactly does $0 down mean?

While other dealers advertise a low monthly payment with thousands of dollars down (cap cost reduction), we take a different approach by listing all of our cars with $0 down (cap cost reduction). Either way, there will still be money due at lease inception. We can easily incorporate some or all of this amount into the monthly payments.

Where can i service the car?

Since our cars come with full manufacturer warranty, your vehicle can be taken to any dealer for service.


There are several expenses included in buying a vehicle: a down payment, sales tax, and interest (determined by your credit score) on the loan that will cover the remainder of the cost of the car. Starting the next month, you begin making payments which is a portion of your loan plus the interest we mentioned earlier. If you decide that you want a new vehicle your only option is to sell or trade the vehicle for a depreciated price.

What are the differences between Buying and leasing?

The biggest difference between buying and leasing is that when you lease, you get what you pay for! Unlike traditionally purchasing a new car or truck where you have to pay for the entire cost of the vehicle when you lease you only pay for part of the vehicle’s total cost.

Where do I pick up the car?

You never have to leave the comfort of your home or job. We deliver to anyone within 50 miles of Big Apple. One of our many leasing specialists will deliver it to you at your place of work or home.

Down Payment

This fee is not usually required for car leases. However, your first lease payment is due at lease signing which is the time when you would usually pay a down payment when buying a car. When leasing a car, if you choose to pay a down payment it can reduce your cap cost which will reduce the amount owed on your lease contract and potentially lower your monthly payments.

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