In the last several years, Hyundai has steadily been gaining ground on the top auto manufacturers in the US and overseas markets, and the introduction of the all-new Venue is bound to only continue to increase that trend. Set to be the most inexpensive SUV available stateside, this impressive competitor to Ford’s EcoSport, the Nissan Kicks, and Kia’s Soul, we expect to be seeing this compact cruiser all over the roads very soon.

That’s why we wanted to let you know that you’ll soon be able to acquire this new SUV from the New York Autobrokers. Not only Hyundai themselves, but many experts in the American motor industry feel that this vehicle is going to be introduced to a lot of fanfare, as well as a lot of demand. Dealerships all over the country have been taking deposits and preorders on the Venue for months.

With all of the brand’s signature style and modern visual appeal, along with its sporty and reliable performance, top of the line safety systems and features, as well as a roomy and comfortable interior and lots of tech, the Hyundai Venue is yet another in a long line of consumer-friendly vehicles from an automaker that people trust.

To get your first in-person look at the excitement and all-new Hyundai Venue, give our friendly staff at the New York Autobrokers a call by dialing 631-446-4455. We would be glad to answer any questions you have, as well as set up a time for you to come down and check it out up close.