Your time is important for your business and personal life. When it is time to purchase a new car you have to do your research, visit dealerships, negotiate, arrange to finance, and so forth. Or, you can come to New York Autobrokers and let us do the work for you. Why should you use a car broker to handle your next vehicle transaction? There are a number of very good reasons:

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Use a Professional to Handle Professionals

New York Autobrokers is your advocate in the vehicle purchase transaction. We are professionals and know how to successfully negotiate with dealership sales pros. We won’t be dazed by all the sales mumbo-jumbo, extra add-ons, purchase or leasing fine print, or the other tactics many dealers use to suck more money out of your wallet. We know how to bargain to get the best deal and we are working for you, not for the dealer.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Local Brokers

You can pick up a phone book, if they still exist, or search local phone listings for brokers. Many of these are small independent brokers working with little or no support staff. They collect a flat fee and move as many clients as possible to make a living. They may be very competent, but do they have the power to influence a larger dealer? Can they successfully work outside their local area? Probably not. New York Autobrokers is a full-service brokerage with the clout to get you better deals. If you live within 50 miles of Manhattan we can even deliver your new car directly to your home or office.

What do I Need to Look For in a Broker?

Regardless of who you retain as an auto broker, be sure of the following:

  • They are licensed to buy and sell cars in your state
  • They are willing to answer your questions about their expertise, give you referrals, and will tell you in general how they obtain the best deal for you
  • Take the time to search for independent feedback about any broker you will retain. You can sense pretty quickly if brokers are successfully representing their clients.

When You are Ready to Buy

When you are ready to buy and are tired of all the hassles of car buying, come to New York Autobrokers and let us find the perfect car for you. Whether buying or leasing your next car, New York Autobrokers will act in your best interests to find the car you desire.

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